Mobile Games That We Can’t Stop Playing

For a very long time games and sports have been an important part of human life. They are the main source to freshen up peoples’ moods and have a break from a boring routine life. Games are equally popular in children as well as grown-up people like us. Some people like to play outdoor games more like cricket, football, basketball etc. whether some are crazy about gadget games like video games, online games on the internet and mobile games. As mobile devices are one of the most essential things of today’s time and it is kept by everyone including children too who are having their online study classes and need mobile or tablet for this. So, games are the source of physical growth as well as a mental exercise for everyone.

Types Of Games

People like to enjoy both outdoor and indoor games so we can divide them into physical and mental games. Games which include physical activities like in volleyball, tennis, or cricket have their own field of fans which enhance their physical growth and team spirit too.

But there’s another criterion of a huge number of crazy players for mobile games and it is also some kind of addiction for these games. People around the globe of different countries enjoy mobile games because it has a variety of games whether for children or adults, which can be played online or offline too with their friends from the comfort of their homes with just a click away.

Popular Mobile Games

With just a click in the Google play store, you can find a wide variety of games. For example, names of some of the very famous games are Call Of Duty, Garena Free Fire, PUBG, Pokemon Go etc, which are trending worldwide and can be played online and offline both. These games are designed to play as solo as well as multiplayer if you want to play it with your friends or family members. Besides these games, there are also a variety of games for children too like Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run etc. which are light as well as very interesting to play.

People also play other games on mobiles which are very popular and trending too. For example, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Dragon Ball, Despicable Me, for a variety of players as some people like action games and some like to enjoy light mood surfing games.

People also like to play shooting games like Shooting King, Archery King, Sniper 3D, Shooting Archery, BowMasters etc which can be played online and offline both. Besides these, all action and shooting adventures people also like to play Ludo King, Sugar Pop, Auto Chess, Rummy(free card game), Coin Pop, World Pearls etc which are very light and fun mood games. People who like to juggle their minds with puzzles and quiz also have many options for brain games like TRIVIA 360, Quiz of Knowledge, Smart Puzzles, ZHED Puzzle Game, Monument Valley and Block Puzzle game etc.

There are mobile games for almost any genre or niche you can think of. A huge mobile gaming niche that we are following is adult erotic games. Big companies have entered the mix and are developing complex games. Independent companies like Local Sex App (found here) have simple mobile sex games that are typical of the adult gaming space. This interesting niche is one of many to keep an eye on.

So these are the most popular mobile games of wide variety and criteria. People can choose any game of their choice from this vast ocean of mobile games and enjoy their free time and have a break from their busy schedules.

How Do Free To Play Games Make Money?

In recent days, in the world of the game business, the free to play games model is making a revolution. Every day these companies are earning billion dollars and their prominence is increasing day by day. When you understand some tips on free to play games on how they make money. So, let’s learn these tips for further understanding of these games. The most obvious is in game transactions and purchases. This concept was influenced by adult cam sites that are free, but have currency within the adult app. Some hookup apps and local sex sites like free fuckbook (found here) are free adult dating apps that allow their members to purchase extra features and boost their fuck buddy matches in order to monetize their platform.

Core loops into goals system-Gameplay

In any of the diversion, it has a set of actions which are repeatable known as core loop. These are the actions which are performed by the people again and again which makes them involved for a short term in the amusement.

These core loops might make the gamers to play over and over for many months or years. So, it is crucial that players are required to have objectives and offering rewards to them when the objectives are met. These systems of goals may be levels, story, and collections. The games with strong systems of goals have many dedicated games but when there is a lack then gamers drift off to other games. When your game gets engaged players then you can just think about producing money from your gamers.

Bits aren’t atoms-Economics:

In the earlier years, many companies had to produce a disk and keep it on the box and provide it to people to play that game. Every gamer cost the cash such that organizations have to charge them before. But nowadays, it doesn’t cost that much for producing the game as obtaining the file from machine to machine through the net and it now costs only about zero. So that game companies can sell it like they are selling nothing to the people. The main secret for the success that why free to play games earn money is because it is free and many of the individuals get interested in such games which are free.

The four C’s of IAP-Monetization:

If you think that your games are engaged and happy then they reward you with their money. This can only happen when your diversion provides something valuable. The substances which game purchase in a game even it is virtual currency does belong to one or more C’s.

  • Convenience

Obtaining the easy or quick things in the particular game is due to its convenience. The gamers enjoy the diversion which offers more comfort as it can enable them to easily navigate and play the game. The purchase with convenience is often consumable and compelling.

  • Content

This is the thing which is provided to the gamers who wish to explore more in the game. There are few games which provide them for free for retaining of the gamers.

  • Customization

Few gamer kinds such as the one who utilizes their presence in the world of the game as self-expression form and will customize their characters of the game. The customization produces a powerful desire of emotions which makes it successful and common point of customization.

  • Competitive advantage

The will to win a game is being equally strong emotionally. Only some gamers playing free to play diversions allow to straight the advantage of buying. As it is complicated from disrupting the balance of the game and driving away from the nonpayers. Yet they do exist and it is one form of comfort.

For ensuring the success, you have to check what you are purchasing and does it with these four of the C’s.

Utilize scientific method-Analytics:

Always obtaining right monetization is not a simple job but in a lucky manner, the digital distribution doesn’t offer on the shot because you can always upgrade your diversion. Being in this state of eternal beta you can tweak and alter by players action tracking. You can also make sure that the changes you made are backed up by the information. The live upgrading and analytics enable you to apply the scientific techniques for understanding the diversion. You need to make a hypothesis, test, collect results, interpret the outcomes, then you can make certain alterations.

When you apply this procedure in a correct and rigorous manner, you can experience around your gamers and can also apply it to the process of marketing.

No players are the same-Marketing:

Many of the gaming companies focus on marketing volume. As the players are crucial but the one who is spending and engaging are better than players who just play games for fun. It is the key factor to track the players’ behavior from various sources, this seems useful and it allows you in understanding how the market of games yields and returns with a great investment. This offers you information to base your campaigns every time.

Another crucial thing is creating a game which is better enough to tell other players to play it. It is more like advertising or suggesting a game to your friend to play it. The secret of success in free to play diversions is to display gamers that they can deeply engage and have a good time and spend their money. Therefore, as the gaming company, just show your heart and be open-minded in offering a great gaming product to the players. So, they will thank you for later by offering money through game purchase.

Introduction To Google Stadia

As online video gaming is a new trend and having popular between all the age categories whether they are children, teenagers or the elder ones so google stadia is a boon for all the virtual game lovers as it provides you a service to stream the video games up to mega resolution of 4k and it can enhance its speed to sixty frames per second. Google Stadia is basically a Google originated cloud gaming service with a very high dynamic speed and longer range. By this service many players can play their favourite games with a very high speed across the world as it provides its excellent service of internet and data range from its service stations that are located across the whole globe. It is very beneficial for players as it only requires google chrome support and a fine internet connection without any requirement of any extra hardware system. It also has a feature for viewers to launch their own game on the same state which they are sharing and this feature is known as state share feature so that it can get financially beneficial by selling the different variety of games launched by viewers and also being connected with youtube so that the players who only want to watch rather than play they can see it in media game streaming.


This cloud service works at a monthly subscription policy where they have to buy the games from Stadia itself in order to stream them and experience the surround sound and high resolution screen for their video games. Stadia also gives up to four games free to a player in a month with the free base service at the early monthly subscription. It gives you HDR screening experience with sixty to one twenty frames per second and 4k to 8k streaming game resolution experience to the players. Players can play live or watch live streaming of games as per their choice with the help of Youtube integration with it. The best part of this service is that the users do not need to download new games because with this Youtube streaming they can watch the recorded sessions on Youtube via Stadia streaming or else they can enjoy them afterwards as a viewer when they want to watch them as per their convenience. In Stadia there can play up to forty players at a time and with its stream connect technology a player can play exactly the same game as his friends are playing of similar framed pictures. In short it allows you to be involved in cooperative gaming with so many players and can play the game of the same mindset and picture frame with your friends. It also allows you to connect with your Wi-Fi system while playing to stop the interruption in game streaming as well as it also uses the USB control technology with HID class support. In this cloud service we can find two types of criteria as one is the free Stadia service which allows free subscription but in this type viewers and players can only see the resolution of 1080p which is a very low quality as per the high resolution standards of this service. The second one is called as Stadia Pro type which provides the monthly subscription plan in which you have to buy the games from Stadia cloud Pro with their 4k to 8k higher resolution and perfect surround sound service and with that it also offers you some free games access or discount in buying any library of the video games which you can purchase via Stadia Pro service afterwards as per the terms of this subscription plan.

Variety of games on Stadia:

There are many varieties of games on Stadia of different genres and being developed by different developers. Some are action based, and some are shooting games. There are also some role playing games which are included in Google Stadia that are based upon some characters of games which are being played by the players. Names of some popular video games by Stadia are, Cris Tales, Attack on Titan, Destiny 2, Dragon Ball, Borderlands, Doom, Cyberpunk and Embr. A popular space in gaming that has recently sprung up is games specifically targeted towards adults. Especially with the advent of VR devices adult sex games have exploded on free fuck apps across the web. However, you will need to stick to the adult sites and apps for those as they are not currently offered on the Stadia platform.

There are also some racing games like F1 2020, FIFA games of sports based, for example Football Manager and Gunsport. Shooting games are Just Shapes And Beats and Metro Exodus. There are also puzzle and board games like Kine and Monopoly. To enhance the availability and popularity of Stadia in 2019 Google made Stadia Games and Entertainment for the invasion of other leads into it too so that they can transition to make Stadia help in making other games too instead of making only their own games. Stadia is based upon the Debian Linux server which is an open service source with an Intel processor. It also has a controller which can connect it with wireless networks like mobile or tabs. It protects the network lag for the users who are playing by not connecting through the playing devices. It can control the latency meanwhile the games on the Stadia network. So basically it helps in filling the communication lag with the help of its directional pad, face and shoulder buttons configuration. Stadia can run upon any Chrome browser, it is its major feature as with this addition there is no need to install any new or additional software with this just like PlayStation Now and OnLive services.

This service with Chrome browser also supports smartphones like Apple, Samsung etc. so basically Stadia only requires a good internet connection for the game players or for its users without any requirement of any extra hardware or browser support. With its synchronization with Youtube users also get advantage to catch the record or stream the session afterwards as a viewer also. This cloud service designed by Google is helping players to enjoy the video games without any internet interruption and server error while playing.

2020 PC Games!

While we cover all types of video games from mobile to retro and console to PC, we have an acknowledged bias towards PC games. PC gaming is simply a more immersive experience on physical connection to the game alone. Although good VR games will probably eventually supersede that soon. Nevertheless, we wanted to highlight a video put out by gameranx that shares 30 PC games to look forward to. Check it out and let us know what you think. We can think of a couple games that we’re excited about that didn’t make this list.