For a very long time games and sports have been an important part of human life. They are the main source to freshen up peoples’ moods and have a break from a boring routine life. Games are equally popular in children as well as grown-up people like us. Some people like to play outdoor games more like cricket, football, basketball etc. whether some are crazy about gadget games like video games, online games on the internet and mobile games. As mobile devices are one of the most essential things of today’s time and it is kept by everyone including children too who are having their online study classes and need mobile or tablet for this. So, games are the source of physical growth as well as a mental exercise for everyone.

Types Of Games

People like to enjoy both outdoor and indoor games so we can divide them into physical and mental games. Games which include physical activities like in volleyball, tennis, or cricket have their own field of fans which enhance their physical growth and team spirit too.

But there’s another criterion of a huge number of crazy players for mobile games and it is also some kind of addiction for these games. People around the globe of different countries enjoy mobile games because it has a variety of games whether for children or adults, which can be played online or offline too with their friends from the comfort of their homes with just a click away.

Popular Mobile Games

With just a click in the Google play store, you can find a wide variety of games. For example, names of some of the very famous games are Call Of Duty, Garena Free Fire, PUBG, Pokemon Go etc, which are trending worldwide and can be played online and offline both. These games are designed to play as solo as well as multiplayer if you want to play it with your friends or family members. Besides these games, there are also a variety of games for children too like Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run etc. which are light as well as very interesting to play.

People also play other games on mobiles which are very popular and trending too. For example, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Dragon Ball, Despicable Me, for a variety of players as some people like action games and some like to enjoy light mood surfing games.

People also like to play shooting games like Shooting King, Archery King, Sniper 3D, Shooting Archery, BowMasters etc which can be played online and offline both. Besides these, all action and shooting adventures people also like to play Ludo King, Sugar Pop, Auto Chess, Rummy(free card game), Coin Pop, World Pearls etc which are very light and fun mood games. People who like to juggle their minds with puzzles and quiz also have many options for brain games like TRIVIA 360, Quiz of Knowledge, Smart Puzzles, ZHED Puzzle Game, Monument Valley and Block Puzzle game etc.

There are mobile games for almost any genre or niche you can think of. A huge mobile gaming niche that we are following is adult erotic games. Big companies have entered the mix and are developing complex games. Independent companies like Local Sex App (found here) have simple mobile sex games that are typical of the adult gaming space. This interesting niche is one of many to keep an eye on.

So these are the most popular mobile games of wide variety and criteria. People can choose any game of their choice from this vast ocean of mobile games and enjoy their free time and have a break from their busy schedules.